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Sustainable renewable energy speaker

Sustainable renewable energy speaker

Sustainable energy speaker"Our Energy Future" talk

Join me for riots, the over throwing of governments, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and deals with oppressive regimes, as we try to ensure that we have access to the energy that allows us to have economic development, high literacy rates, long life expectancy and low infant mortality rates.

This extremely topical talk will equip you with an understanding of the political, ethical, social and practical considerations that need to be considered as we make crucial decisions that will affect the lives of everyone in the UK, as well as many others around the world. Be educated, surprised, and better informed to be able to draw your own conclusions as to the choices that should be made.

Sustainable energy speakerEnergy use has transformed society and now threatens to transform the planet. In this decade we will have to make difficult energy choices encompassing national security, aesthetic factors, sustainability, cost, greenhouse gas emissions, safety, and social equitability. No single energy source will tick all these boxes. Just as importantly, there are profound ethical, foreign policy and human rights issues which need to be considered.

I tutor a renewable energy university course and was responsible for designing and running the University of Glasgow's 'Energy: Options for Sustainability' course on their environmental sustainability degree programme, and contributed to their carbon management MSc. I attended the COP26 climate conference to monitor its discussions on our future energy options.

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"Many thanks for a very thought provoking talk, well constructed and brilliantly delivered. It was most refreshing to hear a talk on ‘Our Energy Future’ covering all aspects of the energy debate presented in a completely unbiased way and leaving the audience to decide on the way forward. I thoroughly recommend this talk to other societies – it is a talk that everyone should hear! I hope you will be able to come back soon and give us another of your talks."
Jeff Pattison, Grange Lecture Society

"A brief note to thank you for what was a really splendid lecture. It was hugely informative to the NIMBYs and BANANAs amongst us (and I fear that there are many). What was so encouraging, was the comment of a lady in our audience, on her way out of the lecture-hall who said, "At last I was able to understand the differences of the various forms of energy, the extraction methods and the costs, in every sense of the word - a superb lecture." Need I say more? In particular, your highlighting of the inequalities between the West with our profligate use of energy and developing countries, who are struggling to achieve the bare minimum, is a way of us examining our collective conscience."
Dr Win Sande, President (2015), Hull Literary and Philosophical Society

"On behalf of the committee and, indeed, everyone who attended your talk last evening, I write to thank you for a most interesting and thought provoking session. You raised a number of issues which require a lot of thought and no easy answers! Your presentation was very well put together, well delivered and held the audience's attention and interest throughout - no easy task. I hope you enjoyed your visit to our centre and we look forward to welcoming you back on a future occasion."
Hazel Macfarlane, Royal Scottish Geographical Society (Inverness committee)

“Many thanks for your excellent and inspirational talk to our Society. It met all my expectations and I was particularly attracted to your description of how the pursuit of energy sources impinges on societies and nations as a whole. All too often we get over obsessed with local issues and individual technologies. The reaction from your audience was very positive and demonstrated the current interest in energy and environmental matters.”
Norman Ross, Wells Evening Society

"Congratulations on your presentation. It was succinct, methodically constructed, avoided technicalese and powerfully postulated the problem, not just of Scotland's energy needs, but the planet's! "
John Davison, Boat of Garten

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